Another Contest!

Can you believe that we are slightly more than a month away from the first annual Solstice Writers Retreat? The hillsides of Midway are turning green and lush. The water on Deer Creek is sparkling. There isn’t a prettier place in the summer than Midway, Utah. Imagine the inspiration that will happen when you’re up here in the mountain tops, attending this amazing writers conference! Classes are filling up, but there’s still time left to sign up.

In the mean time, we’ve got another exciting giveaway! Ann Cannon is offering a signed copy of her book, “What’s a Mother To Do?” to one lucky winner! Here’s what you need to do to win: leave a comment below telling us about a funny experience you either had as a mother or remember about your own mother. Then, go and tell your friends to come back and leave a comment, too. Your friend should mention your name in their comment. You’ll get an entry for your own comment and an additional entry for every friend who also leaves a comment! We’ll draw the name of the winner next Wednesday, so get out there and tell your friends!

See you soon!


One thought on “Another Contest!

  1. We’ll see if my work schedule permits attending the retreat, but regardless of that, the workshops and presenters look fantastic. Kudos to whomever put this thing together. And, yes, I want Ann’s book. For free.

    My mommy experience: Nine-year-old daughter answers the door while I’m in my bedroom finishing getting ready for a date. (I’m a single mom) As I emerge from the bedroom I hear her talking to my conservative-Mormon-guy date. He says, “Hi, I’m so-and-so.” Then I call, “I’ll be right there.” Then he says something to my daughter like, “Hey, why don’t you tell me something funny about your mom before she gets here.” So, she says, “My mom dries her hair and puts on make-up while she’s naked.” I think my date quite liked the innocent revelation. Me? Not so much.

    P.S. Not every time. Just sometimes.

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